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Vol. 27 #1, February 2005

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>Letter from the Editor - 2004 - The Year In Review
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>Discussion - "..why isn't there a stronger influence of
Turkish in Europe?"
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May 4-19, 2005.. All New 7 day Dance Camp and 5th Annual Tour
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Welcome to the year in review, Belly Dance 2004! I will, of course,
miss some major events, and probably some major continents. But for
a slice of life last year in the belly dance world, here goes!

First, an honorarium to those who left us in 2004:

Mimi Spencer, considered to be one of the top kanunists, passed away
February 5, 2004 of cancer in her California home. A beautiful photo
and notice appears here:

Hakki Obadia, violinist, composer, conductor, passed away May 27,
2004. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Mr. Obadia played and composed music
since childhood. His music may be best know to belly dancers through
his accompanying Mohammed el-Bakkar, as well as coproducing the
"Strictly Belly Dancing" series with Eddie Kochak.

Kudos to...

... Suhaila Salimpour. In January, 2004, she presented "Scheherezade"
at Glendale, CA, USA's Alex Theater. Suhaila's intention to produce this
grand theatrical piece has been in the wind; it is a pleasure to see her
vision come to fruition! http://www.suhaila.com

... PURE, spearheaded by Kaeshi and Darshan. Hard to describe in
summary (visit the site), this was a dance event in support of Peace,
September 9-11, 2004. It involved first, a performance at the World 
Culture Open Diversity Festival in Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center,
then on the 11th, a processional performance, starting at East Coast
Memorial in Battery Park and ending at the Bethesda Fountain in 
Manhattan, New York, NY USA. More PURE events are planned.

Do we need mainstream recognition? Who knows? But there are those
out there receiving grants and awards to pursue what they love:

... Laurel Victoria Gray received a $7000 choreography commission
from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in
Washington, D.C. USA. Consequently, new pieces have been
choreographed and performed (last performance June 26, 27, 2004) for
"Egypta," an ongoing evolving project. http://www.egypta.com

... During the Festival of Modern Dance in Cairo, Egypt (June 5 - 
July 3, 2004), choreographer and company director Mahmoud Reda
received the Arab Republic of Egypt Recognition Award. Nice to hear
the Egyptians love their dance, too.

... Margo Abdo O'Dell received $8000 from the Jerome Foundation in
St. Paul, MN, USA, used to produce the show "Evolutions" in
Minneapolis, MN on September 9-12, 2004. http://www.margo1.com

... UC Davis (CA, USA) graduate Caterina has received a Fulbright
grant to study dance in Egypt. The grant provides a monthly stipend
along with funds to conduct research during the 2004 -2005 academic

Now for a smattering...

What would a reflection on the year have been like without mentioning
the Bellydance Superstars? In Spring, 2004, instead of opening for
another touring show, the Bellydance Superstars hit the road on their
own. And later that year, they hit Europe. Check out Dondi's diary on
the matter at

BD-TV launched in 2004, with the aim of helping members of the belly
dance community share information and ideas, as well as promote
themselves and their causes through a widely distributed video-based
product. Visit http://bd-tv.com to find out more details.

There's now a belly dance web presence for Singapore:

Here's a bit of 2004 news about dance in Australia. First - taxation
(Ugh! you say? These are guidelines for dancers!); second - Dance
Teachers Competency Standards approved nationally for social, folk,
community dance style instruction.

Anybody wanna see "Real Terrorists don't Bellydance?" Zarqa Nawaz
started this project in 2003 and is still looking for funding. She sees
herself as a comic artists, looking to portray muslims in a familiar,
humane light. http://www.boloji.com/wfs/wfs210.htm

And just for the heck of it, ain't it great to know that belly dance has
made its way into the Edinburgh Festival (UK)?

April 30th &May 1st, 2005, Santa Fe, NM
Carolena Nericcio & Megha in Workshops & Concert!
For more information visit: www.mosaicdance.net 
or contact: Myra Krien at 505-986-6164 or myramosaic@msn.com 
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If our featured article triggers a few thoughts,
you can share them at the discussion boards
on Bhuz.com. http://www.bhuz.com/discussion.asp

"OK, one question about Turkish dance and Europe: Turkey is even
closer than Egypt in any respect, and every bigger city in Germany has
its Little Istanbul - so, why isn't there a stronger influence of
Turkish in Europe? I can see the whole "gypsy is bad" prejudice as one
reason why Gypsy Rom doesn't catch on, but still. " by steffib, from
Dance and Music Tradition & Styles,

"[American Bellydancer...] Has anyone seen it yet?" by amulya, The Rest, 

"Would anyone be willing to post any thing or refer me to any articles
that have been helpful for filing as an instructor, writing off expenses,
etc..." by la luna gitana, The Business of Dance,


3/5-6/2005. Houston, TEXAS. Presented by Zahirah Noor
School of Bellydance, Shoshanna will teach her famous
four-yard veil technique and hot combinations.
http://www.zahirahnoor.com; zahirahnoor@aol.com

·DINA IN MIAMI. Saturday-Sunday, 5/27-29/2005. Miami
FLORIDA. Egyptian dancer Dina will be teaching workshops
Saturday and Sunday and performing in her spectacular show Saturday
night. Space is limited!Miami FL, May 27-29, 2005 More info at
www.littleegypt.com +1 (972) 840-8450

·BALADI CAIRO USA. 9/17-25/2005., Cairo, EGYPT. A unique
dance holiday! Get great prices on custom-fitted costumes, take
classes from some of Cairo's top instructors, bask in the experience of
this great city, & see live performances that remind you why you love
to dance.
www.baladicairousa.com, shelly@baladicairousa.com;
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