Our Goals

It is PURE's goal to affect positive change within ourselves, each other, with the audience witnessing the event as well as the greater society.

Centering ourselves and our bodies through dance 

In order to increase peace and healing in the world we must first learn to BE peace. 

Connecting to each other through dance

In today’s society it is easy to feel out of touch with other people. Although the Internet, phones and email have made it easier to quickly contact people from all over the world, we have lost a lot of face-to-face human interaction. PURE creates community by building trust and chemistry as we dance together. PURE strives to be a strong support system that connects not only multiple Middle Eastern dance schools led by different instructors within a city, state, or region, but also unites the different styles of bellydance (i.e. Cabaret and Tribal), plus other forms of world dance and music.

Building community and effecting global action through dance

Beyond performance, PURE seeks to expand consciousness about pressing global issues and to encourage positive action to change the world into a better place.


By Jezibell

We move with reverence and mirth,
Dancing the rhythms of the earth,
Seeking the balance between land and tribe,
Ever unfolding, ever alive.

With every breath, we purify,
With every step we sanctify,
Through the heart we consecrate,
Through the body, celebrate.

We are whole, we are here,
We are powerful and clear,
We are centered, we are sure,
We are open, we are PURE -
PURE in focus, PURE in essence,
PURE in pattern, PURE in presence,

In lines of rippling symmetry,
Then circling 'round in unity,
Encompassing duality,
Embodying community.

Across the sky our blue veils swirl -
We bring our blessings to the world!