Director & Choreographer: Kaeshi Chai
Dance Coach: Natalie Nazario or Maki Moves
Acting Coach: Arielle Adamy or local drama coach
Video Projection Artist: Angel Antonio or Brad MacDonald
(can arrive on day 5 or 6)
Singer: Kristin Hoffmann (Optional)

Harwood-Watson Theater, Orlando FL November 26th 8pm Show Q&A with Kaeshi Chai, Pacita Prasarn and Carol Henning The PURE Reflections show was conceptualized by Kaeshi Chai, and is a project that is constantly evolving. It is customized for each location to reflect the local culture and beauty stereotypes.

Stage dimensions: Minimum of 30' wide feet and 20' deep
Left and right wing entrances and backstage crossover
Lights (ability to fade to blackout)
Sound system with a 3.5 mm audio input
Projector (from the front or rear)
Wireless Microphones (2, or 3 if translation is required)

Please e-mail Kaeshi Chai at info@pureglobe.org or call
917-515-0168 for more details

Each residency participant is required to purchase
1. A long white skirt or pants and top $20
2. A blue sky-water colored veil $40

Excerpts from the 2013 PURE Reflections: Beauty Reimagined theatrical dance story about the journey to self-love and becoming whole.

Since 2009, the PURE Reflections show has been performed in 10 different locations including New York, Connecticut, Florida, Mexico, Japan and Taiwan. The cast of 15 to 30 local and out-of-town dancers with mixed levels of experience, undergo an 8-day residency to prepare them for a show that is performed for the public.

October 1-11, 2015 (Sante Fe, NM): PURE Reflections residency culminating in 5 high school and theater shows. Please e-mail Myra Krien to participate, myramosaic@msn.com.

(1) 8 Day Residency and 1-Hour  Show + 15 min Post-Performance Talkback: 15-30 local dancers with 4 core team members
(2) 1-Hour Show + 15 min 
Post-Performance Talkback: 12 dancers
(3) 1.5 to 5-Hour Educational Workshops with Kaeshi Chai

Day 1: Team arrives from NY
Day 2-7: Rehearsals
Day 8: Dress Rehearsal
Day 9: Day of the show
Day 10: Team returns to NY (or stays on for public workshops)

In a dance studio that is at least 20 x 40 feet)
10.00am: Warm up, yoga, conditioning, dance drills
10.45am: Community building and acting exercises
11.30am: Choreography rehearsal
1.00pm: Split into 3 groups: Group 1 (Trios) & 2 (Birth) rehearse. Group 3 (Ocean) lunch
2.00pm: Group 3 (Ocean) rehearse. Group 1 (Birth) & 2 (Trios) lunch
3.00pm: Discussion about topics related to the show
4.00pm: Group 2 (Birth) & 3 (Ocean) go home, Group 1 (Trios) rehearse
6.00pm: End

Trios made up of Selves, Female and Male (9):
Selves (3): Protagonists
Female Side (3): Anima/Yin
Male Side (3): Animus/Yang

Birth (9): Representing souls being born. (Trios can also double as birth dancers if a smaller cast is required.)
Ocean Spirits (4-12): Deities associated with the ocean
Mother Goddess (1): Associated with femininity, Motherhood, fertility, creation, destruction, nature and the bounty of the earth.
Father Sky (1): Associated with masculinity, Fatherhood and thunder.
Goddess of Compassion (1): Guanyin or deity of mercy

Total Performers: 16-33 (Approximately 15-30)

PURE Reflections in Mexico City July 2014: Group Contract

PURE Reflections in Mexico City July 2014: Group Contract

Each day begins with a thorough warmup, yoga and dance drills

Each day begins with a thorough warmup, yoga and dance drills

We build community and reflect on topics related to the show through discussion every day after lunch

We build community and reflect on topics related to the show through discussion every day after lunch


Music: Free Flow by Kristin Hoffmann & DJ Troy Stallman 

Universal consciousness comes into being from the Source or Creator. The nature of this Source is completely up to each individual’s personal beliefs. Through the partnership of complementary male and female energies personified by the mythological archetypes of Father Sky and Mother Goddess, and the elements of earth, water, fire and air; spirit is transformed into three humans or Selves full of hope and optimism.

The dancers build a sand castle together as children.

Music: Loving is a Splendid Thing, Spring in Pink by Ho Zhen Zhen
As babies, the Selves love every inch of their bodies. They have no guilt, no shame, and no comparison. Enjoying and exploring the world around them, they find the Mirror and begin to discover their reflection and see  their female (Anima/Yin) and male (Animus/Yang) sides.

Music: Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
The Selves grow into teenagers, their bodies change and they are immersed in media images of idealized, unrealistic beauty. The Mirror reflects a new, distorted vision and inadequacy and shame cripples their self-esteem and confidence. The Animus/Yang side transforms into a seducing, controlling, unbalanced demon and pushes the Selves to embody impossible ideals. Overshadowed by this new shift, their connection to spirit is lost.

Music: Displaced by Amon Tobin from the Chaos Theory CD
The demonic Animus/Yang side reflects the inadequacies of the Selves and drive them into compulsive, unhealthy behaviors as they struggle to conform. The Selves resort to bullying and addictions such as alcohol, binge eating or cutting to escape from their pain. This escalates to the point of despair, depression and ultimate collapse.

New ocean costumes were added in 2014 designed by Myra Krien.

Music: Ocean in Me (Om Mani Padme Hum) by Kristin Hoffmann
After hitting rock bottom, the Selves get back in touch with the Source through the Goddess of Compassion. They are cradled in an ocean of wisdom which purifies and nurtures their inner child. They connect with others on a similar journey through suffering and recovery, and begin to rise again on a more solid foundation.

Our complementary energies must integrate in order to for us to come into balance.

Music: Primal Breath by Kristin Hoffmann
Stronger, but still developing, the Selves return to the Mirror to reclaim the balanced Reflection it had shown them in childhood. To arrive at wholeness both Anima/Yin and Animus/Yang must learn to integrate and work together as a team.

Music: The Waking by Kristin Hoffmann
Healing from addictions is often done with two steps forward and one step back. Self-destructive behavior are habits that require persistence and time to change and replace with new, more healthy and balanced patterns. 


Music: Sundance by Kristin Hoffmann
Mother Goddess and Father Sky awakens each person to the Divine and represent a healthy balance of female and male energy. 

Music: Ocean by Tamar Kali
Two giant lotus flowers are created and the journey to finding each person's true self is celebrated.

Acknowledging the local producer during the bow

Want more information? Please e-mail info@pureglobe.org or call 1-917-515-0168.