ECHO Conference

The second annual PURE Bellydance Conference will take place in New York City from August 29th to September 1st.

It’s easy to say bellydance is a dance of empowerment, community and healing but it’s much harder to define those terms and describe how it actually benefits. This year our focus is ECHO – Empowerment, Community, Healing, and Opportunity. We will define these terms and give you concrete actions, strategies and opportunities to positively develop yourself, your circle and beyond.

Our instructors have flown from around the world to share their unique perspectives on community, wellness and the role of dancer in forming our concept of the divine. Check out their bios.




1 day (workshops & panel) $95, $125 after Aug 15th
4 days (workshops & panel) $325, $425 after Aug 15th

Ala Carte

Sunday PURE Hafla at Jebon, $15
Lunchtime Discussion Panels $10
1.5 hour workshops $28, $35 after Aug 1st


NOLA Rehearsal Studios
250 W 54th St, New York, New York 10019
5th Floor, Studio 5


August 29th (FRIDAY) - Empowerment
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9.30-10.00am Registration
10.00-11.30 Human Interaction with Kaeshi and Arielle Adamy
11.45-1.15pm Tribal: A Winged Migration with Myra Krien
1.30-2.30pm Lunch Panel “Empowerment” with Myra, Dalia, Zenaide, and more to come
2.45-4.15pm Archetypal Wisdom: Goddess Persephone with Puela Lunaris
4.30-6.00pm Living in the Moment - Emotion and the Improvisational Spirit by Brad MacDonald
8.00-10.00pm Tour through the Rubin Museum with Art Professor Nancy Eder

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10.00-11.30am Sacred Improvisation with Hanan
11.45-1.15pm Rhythm Play with Brian Carter
1.30-2.30pm Lunchtime Discussion Panel “Community” with Brad, Kaeshi, Carmine
2.45-4.15pm PURE Procession Choreography with Kaeshi
4.30-6.00pm PURE Procession Rehearsal with Kaeshi
6.00-7.30pm Procession Along the High Line
7.30-9.30pm Sunset and Dinner at Baluchi's

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10.00-11.30am Veil: A Revelation of Intimacy with Myra Krien
11.45-1.15pm 5 Rhythms with Kierra and Sacred Circle Dances with Nada Khodlova
1.30-2.30pm Lunchtime Discussion Panel “Healing” with Hanan, Katrina Eady
2.45-4.15pm Revolution of Self-Love with Jorja Rivero
4.30-6.00pm Oriental Dance for Healing with Antonina Canal
8.00-10.00pm Je’bon Hafla, Jebon 15 Saint Marks Pl, lower level, NYC

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10.00-11.30am Becoming with Hanan

11.45-1.15pm Goddess Mudra Dance with Antonina Canal
1.30-2.30pm Lunchtime Discussion Panel “Opportunity” with Antonina
2.45-4.15pm Abundance Generation with Sherrilyn
4.30-6.00pm Yin Yang Bellydance with Kaeshi