An international community of artists who utilize dance and music for healing, personal growth and positive change.


LOVE Conference


Have you ever been in love?Been moved or hurt by the power of love? Our next conference will explore LOVE (Live, Open, Vision and Explore) through workshops, seminars and panel discussion on July 9-12, 2015 in Miami, Florida. Stay tuned for conference details, registration information and more!

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Regular Gatherings

Community doesn't just happen. It's the gradual result of people spending time together - growing, challenging and supporting one another. The ritual of meeting regularly and witnessing each other grow. Since PURE began in 2004 we've developed choreographies, events, shows and ourselves. Join us!

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PURE Reflections

PURE Reflections: Beauty Reimagined is a deeply powerful weeklong journey and inspiring theatrical dance performance about overcoming the obstacles to becoming your authentic self. We can all relate to it because on some level because it's everyone's story. Every show is customized to reflect the local culture and features a cast of 16-31 performers made up of all ages, sexes, sizes, colors and varying levels of experience. 

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