Welcome to the PURE community. We look forward to your participation in the future. 
Peace and blessings. PURE NYC.

Activation and membership fee:

Starter Package

Brand new chapters pay $50 initiation fee to be added to the PURE web site and to receive their start up package of one Foundation DVD and 60 postcards. This includes the listing of contact information for local dancers involved in the project, which can be updated every 6 months.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are set according to the number of people in a chapter.
Chapters with 1-5 people $25
Chapters with 6-10 people $35
Chapters with 11-15 people $45
Chapters with 16-20 people or more $55

These dues are for the use of the PURE brand, and to help pay for running costs such as upkeep of the web site, to receive latest news and stay in touch with other PURE facilitators.

Dormant chapters pay $15 per year to stay listed on the PURE web site.
After one year of inactivity, branches will be removed. If they want to be reinstated it will cost $30.

PURE Promo & Foundation DVD

(Plus $5 shipping and handling.)
60 PURE postcards included for free.

Please pay your dues via Paypal to payment@bellyqueen.com