An extended, international family

When we started PURE back in 2004 we imagined it would be a great way for local performers to collaborate and explore. We didn't expect the outpouring of international interest but quickly recognized that PURE appealed to a need that transcended local communities. Now PURE has chapters from around the world. 

Over the years we've had chapters, and members, come and go but that's just part of working with a community. Focus shifts for everyone over time and we appreciate that. Past, present and new members are welcome with open arms.

In 2013 we hosted our first PURE Conference as a means for chapters and like-minded individuals and organizations to meet and exchange ideas.

Get involved

We invite you to contact any of our chapters listed to the right. They are all wonderful, welcoming, people and we're sure they'd love to hear from you. It doesn't matter if you have a background in music or dance. There's always some way to get involved.

Start up a PURE chapter in your city

Want to create a PURE branch in your home town? Please fill out this form.


Every chapter pays annual dues that help us cover operating costs such as the upkeep of the web site and the creation of new programs. View more information about this.


Want to volunteer? We can use any skill: from envelope-stuffing, to handing out postcards and flyers when the dancers and musicians go out on processions. Please contact a branch near you to figure out how you can help. 

New York City, New York (Founding chapter)

Facilitated by Kaeshi Chai

Mondays 7.30-8.30pm for special projects.
440 Studios, 440 Lafayette St, bet East 4th and Astor Place, 4th Floor, Studio 4D
Website | Email


Facilitated by Liezel Lane
Website | Email | (770) 235-8202

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Facilitated by Sherrilyn Billger, Nona Wright
Website | Email | (267) 607-9254

Portland, Oregon

Facilitated by Jennette Kienholz, Jeff Kerr
Website | Facebook | Email | (503) 490-3259


Facilitated by Myra Krien, Jasmine Quinsier
Website | Email | (505 ) 986-6164

Sarasota, Florida

Facilitated by Misha, Brian Nell
Facebook | Email

Tokyo, Japan

Facilitated by Miwa, Yuka and Yurie.
Website | Email

willamette, oregon

Facilitated by Antigone Cook
Website is coming | Email | (541) 740-4632

Past Chapters

Thank you for being part of the PURE vision!

  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Traverse City, Michigan
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Houston, Texas
  • Lafayette, Indiana
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Orlando, Florida