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PURE is an international community of artists who bring positive change to the world through dance, music and theater.

The name PURE acknowledges that we are “going back to the source” of our authentic selves. We pay homage to dance as the oldest form of communal ritual. The name also highlights our process of distilling the healing essence of many traditions into one PURE offering.

What does "PURE - Public Urban Ritual Experiment" mean?

The "P" is for Public. We engage in "guerilla bellydance"-surprising the unsuspecting public with what seem like spontaneous performances. Dancing through the streets, we are seen by thousands of people from all walks of life, people who otherwise may never see this gorgeous, often misunderstood dance form. We also bring attention to different causes that benefit the public, by teaming up with charities and world peace organizations.

"U" stands for Urban. Our home, where we live in densely populated cities and small towns alike.

"R" is for Ritual. Ritual allows you to honor the passing seasons and acknowledge the important moments in one's life. Ritual creates community, drawing people together both emotionally and physically into a shared sense of the divine. As the community participates, no one is a stranger any longer.

"E" is for Experiment. We take chances. We try new things. Sometimes we fall on our faces, but we always let curiosity and the spirit of exploration guide us. We keep others guessing about what will come next! And we always prepare for the unexpected. PURE's dance and music are more than steps and notes. Together, they are a living, breathing art form, never stagnant, ever evolving. ...................................................................................................……………………………
What are the Goals of PURE?

It is PURE's goal to affect positive change within ourselves, each other, with the audience witnessing the event as well as the greater society.

  • Centering ourselves and our bodies through dance
    In order to increase peace and healing in the world we must first learn to BE peace.
    "I look forward to going to PURE rehearsal every week because it relaxes me and is a nice break from the stress of my everyday life”. - Alura, PURE NYC member
  • Connecting to each other through dance
    In today’s society it is easy to feel out of touch with other people. Although the Internet, phones and email have made it easier to quickly contact people from all over the world, we have lost a lot of face-to-face human interaction. PURE creates community by building trust and chemistry as we dance together. PURE strives to be a strong support system that connects not only multiple Middle Eastern dance schools led by different instructors within a city, state, or region, but also unites the different styles of bellydance (i.e. Cabaret and Tribal), plus other forms of world dance and music.
  • Reaching out to the audience through dance
  • Building community and effecting global action through dance
    Beyond performance, PURE seeks to expand consciousness about pressing global issues and to encourage positive action to change the world into a better place.

PURE has provided programming for:

  • United Nations "No Excuses Concert"
  • Lincoln Center "World Culture Open Festival"
  • We the World
  • NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association - Long Island)
  • Eve Ensler's V-Day "Love Your Tree" Project
  • Columbia University
  • International House
  • Dragon's Egg, Mystic CT
  • September Concerts

PURE Annual Procession
Urban procession for peace coinciding with We the World's 11 days of Global Unity, Sept. 11-21! See the procession on Youtube.

PURE Reflections: Beauty Reimagined
Using dance theater to inspire people of all ethnicities and body types to cultivate a healthy body image. Find out more.

Body Love Workshop
Look at your reflection in the mirror. Is she a friend or a foe?
Take ownership of your self-esteem. Expand your concept of beauty beyond the narrow
definitions created by the media by taking the Body Love workshop.

Workshop includes:
• 5 rhythms dance meditation
• Observation and sensuality exercises
• Supportive group improvisation

Donate to PURE
PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) is a sponsored project at "The Field", a not-for-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts made through that organization are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

(Poem written by Jezibell)

We move with reverence and mirth,
Dancing the rhythms of the earth,
Seeking the balance between land and tribe,
Ever unfolding, ever alive.

With every breath, we purify,
With every step we sanctify,
Through the heart we consecrate,
Through the body, celebrate.

We are whole, we are here,
We are powerful and clear,
We are centered, we are sure,
We are open, we are PURE -
PURE in focus, PURE in essence,
PURE in pattern, PURE in presence,

In lines of rippling symmetry,
Then circling 'round in unity,
Encompassing duality,
Embodying community.

Across the sky our blue veils swirl -
We bring our blessings to the world!

Kaeshi Chai and Darshan co-founded PURE in 2004. Sarah Locke helped them shape the vision until 2006, after which Kaeshi became PURE's main facilitator. Check out other PURE branches.

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What can YOU do to help the world?
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Donate to PURE.
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All photographs by Karl Doyle